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Holland Davis

Holland Davis

Pastor Holland Davis (P.HD) is the founder and senior pastor of Worship Life Calvary Chapel in San Clemente, California. He and his wife, Roxie, have two sons (Austin, Chase) and a daughter (Madison). They live in San Juan Capistrano, California.


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This is something we are super excited about giving you another opportunity to make your songs available through worshipsong.  We are launching a WORSHIPSONG BAND APP.  Think of the WORSHIPSONG BAND APP as a multi-track performance track player.  What you would do is create stems of the songs you've recorded, label them and upload them to our Worshipsong Store to be sold and downloaded into the WORSHIPSONG BAND APP.  Because it's totally flexible, you can has as many tracks as you want.  If you're bass player doesn't show up, you can unmute the bass track and you're good.  You can use it to enhance your worship team (like the pros do) or you can use it as your entire backup band while you play along.


What do we need you to do?  Start producing stems for all your songs.  I would suggest producing them in the following format:  Drums, Bass, Keys, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, BGV's.... if you have Strings, Percussion or Horns, mix those on separate tracks.


The playlist feature allows you to create setlists and the chorus, verse buttons allow you to loop live in the moment.  All of this is controlled with the Air Turn 4 pedal bluetooth footswitch.  In order to get your files to work, we will be providing additional information and video tutorials to help you.  The sale price for downloadable songs will be 5.99 per song and the app will be available in iTunes.

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Bruce Adolph: Holland, you have had quite a history of being involved in worship music and now you are rolling out a “destination” website that offers several opportunities for those involved in modern worship music. Please give us an overview of what your vision is for www.worshipsong.com?

Holland Davis: On the surface the vision of worshipsong.com is very simple. Provide a way for worship leaders and worshippers to hear a complete song and download a FREE chart so they can teach the song to their church, bible study, or simply play it during their personal times of worship. It was born out of a conversation I had with Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa who said, “my sermons are free, why can’t worship songs be free.” So, I prayed and the idea for worshipsong.com was born.

Now, the unexpected surprise came when I received a call from an A&R guy in the industry who asked me about a song I wrote called “I Will Stand”. I asked why. He said it went from the 800’s to the 300’s on CCLI over one reporting period and he wanted to hear the song. What was the difference? Worshipsong. com. The only place the song was promoted was on the site. I learned from this experience that one of the benefits of worshipsong.com is greater exposure to worship leaders, which means greater visibility on CCLI.

Another surprise was the number of worship leaders and worshippers wanting to purchase the songs to distribute to their worship teams. I felt that a FREE chord chart allows me to fulfill Pastor Chuck Smith’s vision to make worship FREE, but I felt that a FREE recording would be asking too much. It takes a lot of money to record a song and I only felt it was fair to charge for the mp3’s. This led us to offer the ability for songwriters to sell their songs via worshipsong.com. This can happen one of two ways. They can sell their songs through our online store, or they can sell their songs by linking back to their website or iTunes. We also secured distribution into iTunes and 500 Christian bookstores via on-demand kiosks with selected songs from worshipsong. com. Our desire was really focused on ministry,

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How I upload songs and add albums and artists...

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I'm watching folks upload to the site and they're not quite catching the vision.  The idea is to upload a song with a chord chart for folks to download and teach in their churches.  The idea isn't to link back to your website to sell your CD without uploading songs or sharing a chart... so we will be doing some house cleaning over the next few days and taking down projects that don't comply.  If you're wondering how to upload songs... add albums and artists... I've included links to vimeo videos that explain the steps I take for the projects I've uploaded.


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Worshipsong.com ranks in the Top 20 of Praise and Worship Song Resources in the world.

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Out of 26 providers of Worship Song Resources in the United States.... Worshipsong.com ranked 17 ahead of giants like Maranatha Music, Vineyard UK, Kingsway Worship and Song Discovery (affiliated with Worship Leader Magazine).  This is an incredible showing for an indie website with one mission... to provide a way for worship songs to get into the hands of worship leaders and worshippers all over the world... many of whom have no other source of worship songs such as missionaries and house churches in countries that are not friendly to the gospel.  We have forged a win-win partnership with global ministries that allows us to fulfill our mission while helping them gain greater exposure to the church which results in greater visibility on CCLI.  We have provided the current list of 26 worship providers in ascending order beginning with the most visited website in the world for worship songs.


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Worshipsong.com is unlike any other site...

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I was looking through worshipsong.com and it dawned on me that there is no other site like it in all the world.


1.  No other site brings together the leading publishers of worship songs such as Vineyard Music, Maranatha! Music, Calvary Chapel Music, Christ For The Nations and Integrity Music...

2.  No other site brings together the leading worship leaders of our day such as Tommy Walker, Evan Wickham, Kari Jobe, Brian and Jenn Johnson, Nigel Briggs and Jeremy Riddle...

3.  No other site brings together the leading worship songs of our day such as Revelation Song, Forever (The Nails In Your Hands), Let It Rise, Breathe, I Surrender, Hungry and the classic worship song There's Something About That Name...


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