WorshipSong Band is a free app on Apple IPad (only), Windows7, MacOS, and Android, and Chromebook. On the IOS App Store, search for WorshipSong Band. On an Android or Chromebook  device, WorshipSong Band is available in the Google Play Store.

Free Download Links for Desktop Versions

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Release Notes


  • Added ability to cue a section from ending section
  • Fixed graphics errors when using images for lyric overlay feature


  • Fixes for GPU and CPU usage on Windows and Mac


  • Fixed looping when processing multi-key tracks (Atmospheres)
  • Fixed bug where certain fonts were not displayed when using overlays on external screens


  • Updated Rubberband utility (used by the offline pitch shifter function, see this video)  to V3.2.  This version takes more time to do the conversion, but produces a higher quality result, including vocals


  • Audio initialization changes designed to prevent crashes on startup using ASIO.  App will default to auto-detect mode when startup audio device selection fails, and use whatever audio interface is selected in the Windows settings


  • Added long set list support
    • Ability to drag and drop on saved set list content menu
    • 'Add to Set' will add to the saved set when a saved set is open
    • New menu option "Track Set from Here" with the following changes
      • The selected song will be loaded as the current song and the mixed page will be shown
      • The set on the right will contain the selectedsong plus the next two
      • The tracked set name will show at the top with an estimated remaining time in the set
      • The tracked set will auto advance to always show the current song as songs reach the end
      • Clicking on the tracked set button will show the saved set list contents
  • Fixed hang on MIDI out on IOS
  • Fixed click-only song crash on Android


  • Added lyric overlay features
    • Ability to add text, images, and countdown timers
    • Ability co control via song file or through section actions


  • Fix for smooth scrolling chords
  • Fix for bug when loading click-only songs
  • Presets can now mute tracks


  • Used last loaded set list name when saving set
  • Added ability to select current song to advance setlist action


  • Added ability to jump more quickly when required
    • Changed Fade Tracks behavior to move to last two measures when selected
    • Added Jump Now button and action when a section is cued, to jump on the next measure 
    • Added ability to remember a cued jump when Fade Tracks is selected, which will fade, cue, and come back in within 3 measures


  • Added ability to save set list info into the song's zip file when in Edit mode on a PC or Mac, from the Section action menu.
    • This will also be transferred with the song through Team Sharing, and transferred to a new song when the offline transpose is performed
    • When a song with stored set list info is first shown or added to a set, or reset mix is selected, the set list info in the zip file is used instead of any master set list info 
    • Any other set list info from a saved set or the last loaded set will override this as it does now
  • Added save/restore of ambient pad level to the stored settings instead of always defaulting these levels to halfway


  • Fixed missing display of lyrics preview with 'L' key
  • Fixed display of UTF characters on Saved Set List window
  • Fixed looping bug that occurred when pre-beat section actions were used


  • Fixed built-in-pads routing bug
  • Fixed double transpose bug when reloading song during edit


  • Added support for SMPTE LTC output through special track file (see file format) and secondary audio output
  • Added SMPTE time offset action to section action menu
  • Added delay slider to master for Ableton Link operation

There are many myths about running multitracks

Common Multitrack Myths

Multitracks apps cannot run lyrics or lights

You need expensive computers and audio equipment to run multitracks

Multitrack content is expensive

Multitracks can only be used during the service

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