What If?

  • Multitracks were in keys your church could sing, and could be transposed at the click of a button?
  • You didn't need to have a trained twenty-something computer geek available to set up and run multitracks?
  • Multitracks that matched the artists arrangements were affordable?
  • Your multitracks were delivered with accurate chord charts matched to the music so you could learn and play them instantly?
  • You could buy orchestrations, lead sheets, rhythm charts, and guitar tabs, that perfectly matched your multitracks?
  • Your entire team could practice at home on any tablet or computer with free software and generous rehearsal copy terms?
  • Your entire team could wirelessly stream chord charts that automatically transposed to the key of your multitracks during performance, with independent capo settings, eliminating the need for a separate chord reader app?
  • You could automatically display lyrics that followed your multitracks on a projector?
  • You could loop and skip sections in your multitrack with the click of a foot pedal,and your chord chart followed along?
  • You could easily use your own content, and content from artists and multitrack producers everywhere, not just the site your software vendor says you can?

You don't need to wonder what if any more, because you can. Introducing Praisecharts for WorshipSong Band. Multitrack Technology Serving You.

What's New?

WorshipSong has implemented several key enhancements to its WorshipSong Band platform so Praisecharts for WorshipSong Band can be the best multitrack solution available.  These include:

  • An integrated wireless network mode allowing any chord chart to be shared across any collection of PC's, Macs, IPads,or Android devices.  Chord chart display is synchronized during playback, along with all SongFlow state data, meaning everybody on the network sees the same thing, including set list, current song location, planned loops/jumps, and transpositions. This integrated solution can eliminate the need for a separate chord reader app.
  • Enhancements to the chord display functionality including two-column display on wide screen devices and configurable chord and lyric colors and sizes.
  • The ability to independently load chord charts and track info from separate files.
  • Ability to automatically split stereo tracks into separately controllable channels when required.
  • An Android version to reach more platforms and also support low-cost Android tablets as networked chord displays.

Praisecharts recently upgraded its download engine and added the necessary technology to integrate WorshipSong Band resources into its resource delivery system. For Praisecharts multitrack users who are not using WorshipSong Band, the tracks will work just as they did before in any chosen playback system. The audio content is unchanged.

What Content Can I Use?

Many of the 'Multi Track' category of products already have integrated chord charts and track files for WorshipSong Band. Other track types and newer multitracks can be used by manually creating the tracks.txt file. If you previously purchased a Praisecharts Multi Track product that did not yet have the WorshipSong Band integration complete, merely re-download it. The list of multitracks that are ready to go is maintained here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some things haven't changed. WorshipSong Band will remain free on all platforms, and completely open to user generated and free independent artist content as well as content from any multitrack source.

Praisecharts for WorshipSong Band instantly makes available multitracks for dozens of the most popular worship favorites. Praisecharts pre-purchased credits are the most effective way to buy any Praisecharts resources. When multitracks are purchased at the most cost-effective tier, average cost per multitrack is about $11, and the chord chart, if not already owned, adds $1. Generous terms are available for rehearsal copies also.

Can I Use Other Praisecharts Audio products?

Absolutely. Worshipsong Band is set up to play Praisecharts Click Tracks, Rhythm Tracks, and Split Tracks, and has features to automatically split stereo tracks when required. The simple 'tracks.txt' file will need to be manually created and added to the zip file by the user in this case, and you will not have individual control over the instruments, but these tracks are a great low cost option for churches on a limited budget or that don't need a particular track for regular use, and they work seamlessly in a set with any other multitracks.

Why Should I Use This Solution?

Praisecharts has a strong reputation for integrity and a commitment to serving the church with the resources it needs to worship with musical excellence. Their relationships with artists, labels, indies,and thousands of church music programs are a testament to their commitment. Praisecharts' customers can be assured of top-quality and fully legal resources for all their church music needs. Praisecharts for WorshipSong Band extends this quality by easily integrating multitracks into the church music program, rather than merely adding them as an afterthought. Praischarts Multi Track products offer advantages such as:

  • Arrangements that follow the original artist's recordings
  • Available in several congregation friendly keys
  • Integrated click and cues
  • Standardized arrangements typically consisting of drums, bass, 1, 2,or 3 guitars, piano/keys, and track
  • Consistent high quality
  • Integration with all other Praisecharts products for the same song

Since launching over a year ago, WorshipSong Band has gained users worldwide who want to use the best technology platform for multitrack playback. WorshipSong Band received a 2013 Editor's Choice award in the app category. As a free and open software application, it delivers a level of capability and excellence that are exceptional. It's zip-based file format is open and well documented, and users appreciate the freedom that the platform provides.

PraiseCharts for WorshipSong Band now adds a ready-made resource library for users who want to adopt the WorshipSong Band technology but desire more ready to use content. Many more churches will be able to use WorshipSong's user-friendly technology to enjoy the benefits of multitracks and streaming chord displays. For existing Praisecharts users, this partnership offers an accessable and affordable way to add multitracks to the worship experience. For existing WorshipSong Band users, a new track library is now available. The combination of technologies is a powerful tool.

See how easy it is to use in the video below, then download WorshipSong Band or get it from your favorite mobile app store, and visit www.praisecharts.com to begin using Praisecharts for WorshipSong Band today.

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