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Worshipsong Band's approach to music library management has always been governed by one idea - your music is owned by you, not in our cloud. Your library is held in a folder on your various devices, which you can manage as you wish. There are times when a centralized library management capability is useful, such as sharing content with your team or saving commonly used sets.  This has always been possible through sharing song zip files and sets. In version 7.0 and newer, Worshipsong Band Team Sharing is a new capability that provides an easier way to manage this process.

What You Can Share

Team Sharing allows you to share Songs and Sets:

  • Songs are the song zip files you maintain in your library, either by importing them into the app or purchasing them from our providers.  Songs contain:
    • Audio,
    • Chord charts and lyrics
    • Preset mix definitions
    • Section markers

  • Sets are collections of references to songs you save from the Saved Sets menu in the app. A saved set can contain arrangements for a single song or multiple songs. Saved sets can be either loaded to become the current set or added to the current WSB set. Saved sets contain:
    • Mixer settings
    • Key change and tempo change settings
    • Automation actions such as MIDI out commands or song order actions like looping or jumping

For example, if you wished to save a certain arrangement of a song in the cloud and use it on other devices, you would follow these steps:

  • Run WSB on your PC or Mac desktop and enter your Team Admin code if it is not already set in your settings.
  • Load the song you want to use into an empty set
  • Edit the mix, arrangement, automation, key, and tempo as needed
  • Choose the Save Set action from the set list menu and give the set a name, like Arr_10000_Reasons.  This saved set now exists in your local WSB library
  • Select this set from the Saved Set menu and select Share
  • The song and set arrangement will now be synced to WSB Team Sharing
  • On any WSB device, you would enter the Team code (if not already saved) and select this set to download. This will also download any songs in the set.
  • You can select this song at any time and choose Add Songs to use the song and its saved arrangement in your current WSB set.

This same workflow is used to share a complete set.  You would then choose Load to load the set into WSB

Team Sharing Portal

Worshipsong Band Team Sharing is enabled through a team sharing portal (www.worshipsongteams.com) where you establish an administrator account for your team using a username and email address.  This portal allows you to maintain a list of songs and sets that you provide to share with your team or across your devices. 

Important: only one account is required for the entire team.  Team members do not require an account nor access to this portal. 

Screenshot 2020 08 27 at 7.30.35 AM

There are two ways to share content:

  • You can share links to content that you push directly from the PC or Mac app versions into Worshipsong provided cloud storage.  This is the preferred approach.
  • You can share links to content that you maintain in any self-provisioned cloud storage facility that enables you to provide a publicly sharable link, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, Azure storage, etc.

You can delete shared items.  If you delete an entry that refers to data in Worshipsong provided cloud storage, the item is also deleted from our storage.  Otherwise it is just removed from the visible list in the app. The delete function is only available from the portal.

Shared content is available in the app via the team sharing tab on the library page and can be downloaded directly to the app, similar to the direct download function for provider tracks.

Team Login and Membership

The Team Sharing portal offers two different login codes you can use in the app to connect to the team data:

  • The Team Member code allows the app user to see and download any content you share when they enter it into the app.  There is one code for the entire team to use, This code remains the same for the account's lifetime.
  • The Team Admin code also allows the admin app user on a PC or Mac to push songs and sets to Worshipsong provided cloud team storage. This code also remains the same for the account's lifetime.

We recommend the Team Portal account and Team Admin code be used by only one or two primary users per team  to reduce the possibility of user's inadvertently overwriting or deleting songs or sets.  

There is no team membership other than posession of these codes.  You can provide your codes to whomever you want to give them visibility to your list of downloadable items.

Team Sharing in the App

Team Sharing is accessed from the library page "+" button, via the Team Sharing tab, when the app is on a device connected to the internet

  • The entry box is used to enter either the Team Member code or the Team Admin code. After entry, it will show the team name if the code was valid.  The last entered code is saved as part of the app settings.
  • The scroll list shows items shared in the team sharing portal.  Select items to download, then click the download button.
  • When you download a set, all songs in the set will be downloaded if they are found in the portal and the version in the portal is not in the library already. Songs that are the same will not be downloaded.


Songs are shared from the library popup window when admin mode is activated on a PC or Mac:


Click the Share button to share the song.  The song will be uploaded and replace the version in the cloud if there is a different version in the local library.  There is a separate upload application that will launch to perform the upload, and, after the upload is complete, the WSB GUI will respond again.

To share a set, first save the set using the save set from the set list menu.  Then, select Share from the saved set list menu:


The set and all songs in it will be shared via the same external app.  Songs will only upload if the version in the local library is different than the version in the Team Sharing portal.


Team Sharing Cost

Worshipsong Band Team Sharing has been implemented using modern serverless web technologies that minimize costs and complexity. As such, Worshipsong is able to provide team sharing at no cost to our users.  If you intend to maintain large amounts of song data (over 10GB per account), we ask that you consider using the external link method to use self-provisioned storage.  We of course retain the right to remove your storage and account if it is abused.


Worshipsong Band Team Sharing Demonstration

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