Worshipsong.com welcomes Bethel Music

We are excited to announce that Bethel Music (Bethel Church Redding) has given us permission to include their worship songs on worshipsong.com.  Bethel Music which includes Jesus Culture is the latest expression of worship songs that are sweeping across the world today.  Look for Jesus Culture worship songs to begin to appear on worshipsong.com in the days and weeks to come.

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Worshipsong.com welcomes Christ For The Nations

Christ For The Nations has given worshipsong.com permission to include their worship song projects on worshipsong.com.  Christ For The Nations is an institute with a passion to educate and train men and women for the work of the ministry.  Their school of worship has graduated some of the leading voices in worship today including Shanon-Fogel Wexelberg, Kari Jobe, Tommy Walker and Jenny Lee Riddle.  Keep checking back as it will take us some time to upload the years of ministry that CFNI represents.

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Worshipsong Welcomes Vineyard UK

Worshipsong is pleased to announce that Vineyard UK has given us permission to include their songs on our site.  Also included will be FREE downloadable chord charts so that you can learn the songs and play them in your church, home bible study or for your personal times of worship.  Worshipsong is committed to providing FREE worship resources for worship leaders worldwide.  Especially those who do not have access to traditional musical venues such as missionaries overseas.  We are excited to see that Vineyard UK shares the same heart as we do to resource the church.


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Brad Eberly - First Things First


Visit any of Calvary Community Church's (Phoenix, AZ) many services and you will experience the worship program that is the handiwork of Brad Eberly, Senior Worship Pastor for many years.  Brad leads a program consisting of multiple campuses and several worship teams for all ages at Calvary Community.  It's more than a full time job ministering to this diverse congregation in one of the less affluent areas of Phoenix, one of the earliest cities to face the full force of the current economic downturn.  Needs are many at Calvary, which is firmly planted in a part of town that is, frankly, past its heyday.  The buildings are not glamorous, and the congregation is diverse.  But the church continues to minister year after year, serving as a visible manifestation of Christ's body in this place where it is so needed, and bringing solid bible teaching and a full ministry program.
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