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Brad Eberly - First Things First


Visit any of Calvary Community Church's (Phoenix, AZ) many services and you will experience the worship program that is the handiwork of Brad Eberly, Senior Worship Pastor for many years.  Brad leads a program consisting of multiple campuses and several worship teams for all ages at Calvary Community.  It's more than a full time job ministering to this diverse congregation in one of the less affluent areas of Phoenix, one of the earliest cities to face the full force of the current economic downturn.  Needs are many at Calvary, which is firmly planted in a part of town that is, frankly, past its heyday.  The buildings are not glamorous, and the congregation is diverse.  But the church continues to minister year after year, serving as a visible manifestation of Christ's body in this place where it is so needed, and bringing solid bible teaching and a full ministry program.

What is first class, though, is the songwriting talents that Brad has honed in his many years as a minister and worship songwriter.  A veteran of 3 christian album releases, Brad has a knack for combining deeply scriptural and thoughtful lyrics with great melodies, which he has used to bless his congregation for many years.   Brad says: 

“One of my favorite passages in the Bible is that of young Samuel, who was dedicated to the Lord by His mother, Hannah.  The scripture records that he was “…ministering to the Lord…And it happened as Samuel was lying down in the temple of the Lord where the ark of God was that the Lord called Samuel; and he said, ‘Here I am,’ ”  (1 Samuel 3:1-5 NASB).  Samuel heard the Lord speak to him as he was “ministering” to Him.  We hear the Lord speak when we are close enough to listen to His still, small voice.  This happens when we invest ourselves in the intentional act of ministering to the Lord in worship.  A life laid down in worship is what God desires from us (John 4:23, Romans 12:1).  Hearing God whisper is breath-taking joy for those who devote themselves to being close to Him.  Worship is where that communion is nurtured,  the essence of “listening with your heart.”   I am a worship leader.  That is the centerpiece of my call to ministry.  I delight in what I do and am so grateful for the opportunity to lead others in expressing their devotion to Jesus.  This is my heart: to simply help others give their undivided attention to Jesus Christ and offer Him their honest, heart-felt praise, affection, and devotion“


Brad's song "The Marks" is a prime example of the craft that Brad brings to his songs.  This song glorifies the attributes of God, as found in His Son Jesus, and includes a clear call for us to lead transformed lives in the bridge:

Do our hands display His power?
Do our feet provide Good News?
Do our eyes see with compassion?
Does our voice speak forth His truth?

If we’re called as His disciples
And His name is what we wear
Then the marks of Jesus’ body
Will be the marks that we bear

Brad's vision has always been to freely share his worship songs with the Church, both at Calvary and to the church at large. His goal in releasing recordings has always been to bless the church, and he is also very active in supporting local songwriter groups.  His heart is to see the worshiping church blessed by the songs that are birthed from within it, by hearts that love to sing their praise.

Make sure to check out all of Brad's songs on Worshipsong.com.  You are certain to find ones that your congregation will be blessed by.  You can also find Brad's albums on ITunes and other digital music outlets.

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