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Worshipsong Band 5.4 Released

Worshipsong Band version 5.4 is now releasing for all platforms.  For version 5.4, we have added new features designed to enhance the lyric presentation capabilities, and also added support for chords and lyrics in most of the world's languages. New features include:

New Lyric Presentation Modes include:

  • Support for all caps
  • New lyric fonts
  • Lyric backgrounds and boxes
  • Top, center, or bottom lyric location
  • Multiple lyric styles can be saved and recalled, including automatically via section actions

New Multi Language Features include:

  • Support for multiple languages within a single chord chart
  • Support for ChordPro format for chord charts
  • UTF-8 support for chord charts and the built-in text editors
  • Integration of the Google Noto font for support of all Western Eurpoean, Eastern European, and major Asian languages in a single font
  • Dual Language lyric display

The support forums are now back up and running, for tech support or networking

A new Worshipsong User's Group page is available on Facebook.

Many of the version 5.4 features have been added based on user requests, continuing our tradition of listening and responding to the needs of our worship leader user community.  Worshipsong Band remains the most feature rich worship multi track platform available, and, of course, remains free,  Our open format is the only dedicated 'user friendly' playback platform that does not require you to register, use our cloud, or buy your content from a single provider.  Many users source their content from multiple sources, and even make many of their own tracks.  And, of course, independent artists from around the world offer their tracks in the Worshipsong Store, most completely free.  Worshipsong Band ensures a consistent playback experience for content from all sources.

Worshipsong Band received a Worship Leader Magazine Editor's Choice award for 2015, the second time it has been so honored.  Download it free from www.worshipsong.com or the IOS App Store or Google Play today.




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