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Worshipsong Band 6.0 Released

Worshipsong Band version 6.0 is now releasing for all platforms.  For version 6.0, we have added new features designed to make downloading content easier, to enhance Worshipsong Band's chord display capabilities, to enable more flexible control over looping and song order, and to improve the interface for multichannel output. New features include:

New optional Chord Scrolling Mode is designed to make using Worshipsong Band as a chord viewer much easier.  This includes:

  • A new settings option  "Scroll only when necessary" will set the chord chart to scroll only when required to have a song section in view, rather than always keeping the current section at the top 
  • New swipe gestures on touchscreen to scroll chord chart when using Worshipsong Band as a chord-only viewer without click or tracks
  • New chord advance and backup actions are now assignable for MIDI control
  • Chord rendering algorithm improved to fit more chords in the available space.  In dual column layout mode with smaller font scaling, many songs can fit on one or two screens

 New Direct Download of Track Vendor Content includes:

  • A new download window on the library page
  • Track vendors can supply download codes for their songs when you purchase directly from them
  • Enter the download code to enable Cloud-based download of songs directly to your library
  • Vendor library is now expanded.  For example the Worship Backing Band library now all includes embedded chord charts

New Follower Mode now supports any desired playback order for song flow.  This includes:

  • All Section actions can be set to trigger the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or every time through a section
  • A new section automation feature: "Cue Jump" is available to automatically cue a jump to any other section of the song
  • Actions can be overridden at any time via song cue feature
  • These features can be used to reorder a song, do infinite loops, play a lead-in click until ready to start the song, and much more

New GUI for Multichannel Output includes:

  • A new grid widget on the audio settings page can be used to assign channels to stems
  • All stem names in your library are automatically added to the grid and can be assigned
  • The routing grid is applied to all songs in your library, making audio routing setup a breeze
  • Audio routing is bound to the installation of Worshipsong Band, not to the set, meaning your team will not have to worry about audio routing setup when you share sets with them.  Your team can rehearse with a standard stereo setup, while you route the same set to multiple output channels in your church.

Other New Features include:

  • Saved sets can be either loaded or added to the current set.  This allows you to save off individual songs as sets if desired.  Saved sets include all mixes and section actions.  This allows you to share saved sets across your entire team by sharing the saved set file.
  • The audio engine has been updated to the latest FMOD.  This includes improvements to audio levels, pitch shift accuracy, and looping performance
  • Multiple bug fixes


All of the version 6.0 features have been added based on user requests and feedback, continuing our tradition of listening and responding to the needs of our worship leader user community.  Worshipsong Band remains the most feature rich worship multi track platform available, and, of course, remains free,  Our open format freeware is the only dedicated user friendly playback platform that does not require you to register, pay rent to use our cloud, or buy your content from a single provider.  Many users source their content from multiple sources, and even make many of their own tracks.  And, of course, independent artists from around the world offer their tracks in the Worshipsong Store, most completely free.  Worshipsong Band ensures a consistent playback experience for content from all sources.  A demo of these new features is below:


Worshipsong Band has received many awards and favorable reviews, and is used around the world by Worship Leaders.  Download it free from www.worshipsong.com or the IOS App Store or Google Play today.



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