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Worshipsong Band 7.0 Released

Worshipsong Band version 7.0 is now releasing for all platforms.  For version 7.0, we have added a new Team Sharing feature designed to enable worship and tech teams to more easily collaborate using Worshipsong Band. This feature includes:

  • The ability to share songs and sets in the cloud with your team
  • A new team sharing window on the on the library page to access shared content using a convenient access code
  • An online team portal located at www.worshipsongteams.com.  This portal allows you to create an identity for your team and to view or delete items shared with your team.  Team members do not require access to the team portal
  • Two separate roles for each team - an admin role with ability to push content to the cloud, and a member role with ability to download content from the cloud
  • Efficient synchronization that does not upload or download content unless it has changed
  • Ability to upload and download complete sets including MIDI automation, mixes, song arrangements, key changes, preset audio dynamics, and song transitions.  This is accomplished through allowing saved sets to be shared.  Shared sets will automatically synchronize songs in the set.
  • Free cloud storage provided by Worshipsong for your shared items.  Or, you can use your own cloud storage and share items through the portal.

 The features of Worshipsong Band Team Sharing are demonstrated here:

Worshipsong Band has received many awards and favorable reviews, and is used around the world by Worship Leaders.  Download it free from www.worshipsong.com or the IOS App Store or Google Play today.


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