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WorshipSong Band Version 2.3 Released

WorshipSong Band Version 2.3 Released

We are always looking for ways to enable Worship Leaders to make use of more and cheaper resources.  Our new release of WorshipSong Band gives users a whole new way to use our software.  New features include:

Metronome and Guide Tracks

Worshipsong Band now includes a metronome feature. Any tempo from 20-150 BPM may be set, in times of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8,and 8/8.  In addition, song timings may now be specified in tempo beats in addition to minutes/seconds.  Adding songs just became a whole lot easier, and it's a snap to set up your chord charts to work in WorshipSong without tracks, allowing your band to use a click track even without any audio augmentation.

Guide tracks is our name for combined click and cue tracks.  These are a part of many multitrack offerings.  What is different about WorshipSong Band's guide tracks is that they need not be pre-recorded.  WorshipSong now has the capability to automatically build a click track and play cues to accompany music you add to the app.  As long as the song follows a consistent tempo, WorshipSong Band will supply the needed click and cues.  And both click and cues follow you through the song as you loop and jump to different sections.

How does this save money?  Take a look at the video below, where we show how you can use a simple rhythm track and get all the features of a full multitrack offering (except individual instrument control), as a small fraction of the cost of a full multitrack.  Such rhythm and split tracks are widely available for just about any song.

Tempo Control

WorshipSong Band now allows tempo control of your songs.  All features of the app such as looping,pitch control, chord charts, etc work with tempo control.  This allows you to fine tune the speed of the song.  Due to the app's sophisticated looping features, a song's tempo can only be adjusted prior to playing the song, but the desired tempo is always set in the set list.


These were actually introduced a couple of versions back, buy they a great to add ambiance to your set, as well as a good way to seamlessly link songs together with their built-in cross-fade feature.  A single set of pads in all keys is all that is required, and WorshipSong automatically plays them based on the key of your song.

Remember, all versions of WorshipSong Band are available on all platforms, and we never release a version for one platform that is out of sync with the others. Whether you use Windows, MacOS, IOS, or Android, WorshipSong Band will work for you.

Worshipsong Band 2.6 Released

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