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WorshipSong Band Version 2.8 Released

WorshipSong Band Version 2.8 Released

Worshipsong Band version 2.8 is now releasing for all platforms: Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android.  We've added new capabilities to our app to help create better flow in your worship sets.

- A new Song Arrangement feature lets you skip or loop sections, and save arrangements in your set list.  These options are conveniently accessed via a right click or long press on the song timeline, and can be done over the network.

- Pad Capabilities have been significantly enhanced.  You can now use the touchscreen or a MIDI controller to play pad notes in any key, allowing you to create transitions between songs or use pads to underlay prayer time.  Pad notes can be commanded over a network, so any member of your band or tech team can do it.

Layered Ambient Loop support is now added. You can use special tracks that seamlessly loop for any amount of time you want to create just the right atmosphere for spoken worship, bible reading, or prayer.

- As always, we continue to improve the stability and quality of our software.

All of the new version 2.8 features have been added based on user requests, continuing our tradition of listening and responding to the needs of our worship leader user community.  Worshipsong Band remains the most feature rich worship multi track platform available, and, of course, remains free,  Our open format is the only dedicated 'user friendly' playback platform that does not require you to register, use our cloud, or buy your content from a single provider.  Many users source their content from multiple sources, and even make many of their own tracks.  And, of course, independent artists from around the world offer their tracks in the Worshipsong Store, most completely free.  Worshipsong Band ensures a consistent playback experience for content from all sources.

Worshipsong Band received a Worship Leader Magazine Editor's Choice award for 2015, the second time it has been so honored.  Download it free from www.worshipsong.com or the IOS App Store or Google Play today.
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