Making Worshipsong Work For You

Worshipsong is an independent music distribution platform that puts your songs directly into the hands of worship leaders.  We have missionaries from all over the world who look to worshipsong as their source of music.  There are a couple features we built into worshipsong to make it easy for churches to use your songs in worship.  I would encourage you to take these simple steps to making your songs available.


1.  Make sure you upload a pdf Chord Chart of your song

2.  Take advantage of the share button.  You will want to use Twitter and Facebook to announce to others that your song is available to them.

3.  Make sure you rate your song.  It's another way of getting your song attention.

4.  Encourage your friends to make comments and rate your songs.  This increases your chance of being noticed by search engines.

5.  Include album artwork.  It let's people know that your song is worth listening to.  Make it look like an album cover even if it's a demo.

6.  Also, make sure you include tags on each of your songs.

7.  Tell your friends about worshipsong.com and encourage them to join for FREE and make playlists that include your songs.  I think of playlists as my personal radio station that I can program the songs I like.


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Welcome to the new worshipsong!

Welcome to Worshipsong.com. 


Worshipsong is a FREE independent praise and worship music distribution  network that features the best in new worship music written by local worship leaders. 


It is the only website of it's kind that is totally focused on music that is written by the church and for the church.  The reach of worshipsong.com is global and we are privileged to serve missionaries all over the world who do not have access to new songs of praise and worship.  For them, worshipsong.com is their only source of music.  It's for that reason that we encourage all our writers to include a pdf of their praise and worship song so others can hear them, learn them and use them in their local church congregations.


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