1. Bill Roth
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  3. Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Are there any parameters in tracks.txt that can override the Lyric Lead Time on an individual song?

Haven't talked in a while, but still loving WSB! Thanks a bunch for all your hard work.

Bill Roth
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I like this! Figured there was some way. I'll check out the facebook page too! Thanks again.
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Hey Bill, Sorry I have not been watching this that often. People message the Facebook Group also, and that notifies be so I respond faster. https://www.facebook.com/WorshipSongBand/ Yes you can override the parameters. If you put a lyric break at the beginning like this: [Chorus] [Lyric Break] 2 C G D/F# Em Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul C G Dsus D Worship His holy name The effect will be to start those lyrics the set time before the section start.
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