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Publisher:Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire)
Duration:4 mins 12 secs


Above All Else

Chorus 1
Above all else
Above all else
Above all else
Give me Yourself

Verse 1
Jesus my passion in life is to know You
May all other goals bow down to
This journey of loving You more
Jesus You've showered Your goodness on me
Given Your gifts so freely
But there's one thing I'm longing for
Hear my heart's cry
And my prayer for this life

Verse 2
Savior the more that I see your beauty
The more that I glimpse your glory
My heart is captured by You
Jesus You are my greatest treasure
Nothing this world can offer
Could ever compare to You
So hear my heart's cry
And my prayer for this life

CCLI Song # 3447521
Vicky Beeching
© 2001 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire) (Admin. by Vineyard Music UK)
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CCLI License # 3225879

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