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Writer(s): Derrick Floyd
Publisher:Beautiful Now Music
Duration:4 mins 38 secs


You Talk Me Down

Looking back over my life I can see where I have missed your voice
and how I found myself losing focus on the things you promised 
Walking in and out your will never truly giving you my heart 
Until I realized that your plan for me was more than this
So I’m trading in the fear inside 
For a chance to be new
And I don't have to be the same old me
If I strive to become more and more like u
So when I'm losing control ... (you talk me down)
At the end of my rope ..  (you talk me down)
When the fear won't let go ... (you talk me down)
The only thing that I know is you talk me down from the ledge
Never thought that I could be in a place where I could feel so good
but now I find myself walking clearly on the path you've chosen
No more going my own way now it's all about the destiny u promised 
I believe in the future and the hope u give 
So I'm trading in uncertainty
For a faith so renewed 
And I don't have to walk the same old road
If I’m giving over every single step to you 



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