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Publisher:CFN Music
Duration:5 mins 38 secs


That Is Why

Chorus 1
That is why I live
That is why I move
That is why my heart cannot go on
Without You
That is why I sing
That is why I cry
That is why no other love but You
Will satisfy
That is why

Verse 1
Just to feel Your arms around me
Just to know Your grace has found me
Just to hear Your voice surround me
Calling my name

Verse 2
Just to stand beside You knowing
Promised that You're never going
Never leaving always holding
Holding my hand

CCLI Song # 2929363
Deborah Ziegler | Tyson Ziegler
© 1998 CFN Music
For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use.  All rights reserved.
CCLI License # 3225879

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