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Writer(s): Derrick Floyd
Publisher:Beautiful Now Music
Duration:3 mins 53 secs


The Best Days

Sometimes I feel like I just can't win

I try so hard but can't get it right 
I trip and fall over my intent
Bruising my knees over my pride 
But u pick me up... And u change my heart
Then I realize... What u want for me is not so far
So I come alive with hope from inside
Knowing every step that I take is closer to you
And I believe all that you promised me
So No matter how long it takes
I know that with you I'll be living the best days
The road ahead isn't always bright
But now you always light the way
And you let me know... that I'm not alone
Leaving what's behind... As I focus on the path you chose
(Background in Chorus)
I come alive in you 
A hope and trust that's true
You taught me to believe
In all you promised me



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