Ed Cash

Ed Cash

Surfacing as a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Ed Cash is creating a space for himself within the music industry. Notably recognized within Christian music for his work with such artists as Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dolly Parton and Bethany Dillon, Cash also reaches into the mainstream market with independent artists Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes. Unafraid to explore stylistically, Ed achieves the balance of creating a signature sound without confining himself to a binding niche. As a result, his work is rich with undertones of a music heritage steeped in both classic rock and neo soul and a heart which holds an unbridled love for Jesus. Says Cash, "Anytime you mix art and commerce, the potential for danger is just enormous...To me the great challenge is, in some sense, being a liason between the deepest art and trying to get records out there. Rather than talking about 'hit songs' or 'radio songs,' I love the word 'connectivity.' How does this song connect?' There are a lot of 'hit songs" out there that, to me, don't connect - to the heart, anyway. I'm just more and more drawn to those tunes that not only have a catchiness and a hookiness, but a real vibrancy and a life behind them." It is this "real vibrancy" which marks both his music and his life, capturing both the imagination and the heart of all who listen. -- c barnes

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