Ryan Delmore

Ryan Delmore

Ryan and his wife Sarah, along with their five children, live on the central coast of California. The family attend and serve at Calvary SLO in San Luis Obispo, a growing agricultural community nestled between vast, rolling acres of farmland and wineries, and the rugged beauty of the Pacific Ocean's shoreline. "It’s the land that Steinbeck wrote about in most of his books, a rich and beautiful place, and I think it definitely inspires and shapes the musicians and artists who live here", says Delmore.

Ryan has written and recorded songs with Vineyard Worship, including "Down At Your Feet", "The World Can’t Take It Away", "Jesus' Name" and "Love Of God". Streams of country, rock, gospel, and folk blend together to create the unique Americana sound that carries his intimate worship and passionate praises to God. "Ragged but true" is how he describes the music. Delmore was raised on the records and tapes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Everly Brothers, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, The Ramones and Credence Clearwater Revival among others. But the heart and soul of his simple yet poetic songs owe much more to the influence of his songwriting friends and fellow worship leaders John Barnett, Chris Lizotte, Shawn Clark, Josh White, Kevin Prosch, Zebedee Zaitz, and Steven Collins of Deadman.

His first record, "The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood" invites the listener to join him in lifting up a grateful heart of thanksgiving to God as well as quietly reflecting on the saving work of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Produced and recorded by singer/songwriter/worship leader Chris Lizotte – and featuring guitarist Marc Ford (Ben Harper, Ryan Bingham) – the loose, live feel of the songs make the album feel like "a raucous Sunday morning service". His more recent offerings, Ties Of Kinship, Blind Man See, and The Cabin Fever Recordings are all collections of songs recorded with friends and family at home and across the country over the past few years. 

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