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Writer(s): Caroline Cobb
Publisher:Caroline Cobb
Bible ref(s):Genesis 12:1-9, 13: 14-18; 15; 17:1-14, 22:1-19
Duration:4 mins 30 secs


You followed me out to desert places
Leaving all familiar faces
To a land I will
Show you, promise you

Lift your eyes and look around you
Know my promise will be found true
All the land you see will your children’s be

And all the stars in the big, big sky
And all the sand in the oceans wide
Will not outnumber, will not outnumber you

All the people in the big, big world
All the nations of the earth
They will wonder, they will wonder at you

From your blood shall come kings
Everlasting, everlasting
My covenant will be steadfast and free

From you shall come many nations and generations
They will be my lot, and I will their God

But up on the mountain the stars lose their light
An ocean of sorrow s you raise the knife
But I will remember and I will provide
The blood for the altar and raise up his life

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