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Publisher:Tree Hill Collective
Duration:3 mins 25 secs
Mia Koehne sings Lori Pethes Anderson's song about the meaning of Christmas


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God’s Baby

by, Lori P. Anderson



The Angel came to Mary

and said good news I bring

You will bear the Savior of the world

The baby grown inside of you,

He has come for all mankind

He will be the King  of the world


Your having God's baby    this Christmas

Your having a boy,

He will bring to you great joy

Your having God's baby      this Christmas



When Joseph had been told

He remembered days of old

when Isaiah prophesied the virgin birth

He carried her to Bethlehem

to a stable in the cold

Where that Prince of Peace was born    that day 




BOTH: Mia melody

They had a little baby    that Christmas

They had a little boy      

He brought to them great joy

They had a little baby   that Christmas

BOTH: Than melody

Now Don't you want to know   

why he came he came so long ago

He came for you to have eternal life

And every year at this time

we will celebrate His birth

For that little baby came for you at Christmas



BOTH: Mia melody

God had a little baby    that Christmas

He had a little boy

He brought to us great joy

God had a little baby     that Christmas

He had a little baby

Yes he had a little baby

The Prince of Peace was born for you and me        at Christmas              at Christmas   

at Christmas


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