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Writer(s): David Baroni
Publisher:KingdomSongs Inc.
Bible ref(s):Psalms 42: 7,8
Duration:5 mins 35 secs
Worship song inspired by the healing and loving Presence of Jesus in and among His people!


 Liquid Love



Verse 1

Your love is an ocean

Your grace like the sea

Your faithfulness wave after wave to me

Your mercy's a fountain

Your peace like a stream

Your joy is a river flowing within me

Flowing within me



Chorus 1

You wash over me like liquid love

Through the tears and the rain

With Your cleansing Blood

You pour out Your grace in a healing flood

And wash over me

You wash over me

You wash over me like liquid love



Verse 2

Sometimes I get thirsty

My spirit so dry

Surrounded by desert no clouds in the sky

The wind gently whispers

And I call Your Name

I'm suddenly laughing out loud in the rain

I dance in the rain



Misc 1


To the tired and thirsty soul

In a dry and weary land

There is One Who will heal you

Save you and fill you

Come to the water and drink

Come to the water and drink

Then you will sing




CCLI Song No. 5617610

© 2009 Kingdomsongs, Inc. 

David Baroni

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