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Publisher:Burning Bush Music
Duration:4 mins 37 secs
The attributes of Christ - and what His church should emulate



In his hands was the power of healing

In His feet was the promise of Good News

In His eyes was compassion for the needy

In His voice was authority endued

In His side was the scar than proved His dying          

On His brow, thorny insults and cruel lies

On His back were the stripes that bought our healing

In His heart was the grief that brought new life




These are the marks of the body of our Savior

These are the signs of His life poured out for us

These are the things that prove His overflowing love for all mankind

These are the marks of the body  of Christ


In His touch there’s release for every captive

In His thoughts there’s awareness of our need

In His breath there is life for all the lifeless

In His steps there’s assurance where He leads

By His side there’s embrace for all the lonely

In His grip there’s security and peace

In His arms there is strength for all the weary

In His reach there’s enough for every need


Do our hands display His power?

Do our feet provide Good News?

Do our eyes see with compassion?

Does our voice speak forth His truth?

If we’re called as His disciples

And His name is what we wear

Then the marks of Jesus’ bod

Will be the marks that we bear

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