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Publisher: Kingdomsongs, Inc., Praisetown Publishing
Duration:4 mins 40 secs



Verse 1

Every time you turn around
Your past is right there behind you
You close your eyes
But you can't wish it away
You need someone to remind you
If love has set you free
Now you are free for ever

Chorus 1

Whatever it was
You can let it go
Whatever it is
Just lay it in His arms
Wherever you go
You are not alone
(You are not alone)

Verse 2

Everywhere God's light is shining
Goodness and mercy have found you
Open your eyes
This is a brand new day
His grace and favor surround you
His love has set you free
Now you are free for ever

Misc 1

The darkness disappears and
There's nothing left to fear and
The road ahead is amazing
His love comes rushing through and
Joy's overtaking you and
You'll never be the same

Chorus 2

Whenever you call He will answer you
Wherever you hurt He can heal the pain
Wherever you are
You are not alone
You are not alone

CCLI Song # 6047870

David Baroni | Tony Sutherland

© 2011 Praisetown Publishing (Admin. by Fun Attic Music, LLC)

Kingdomsongs, Inc.


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