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Lev Shelo

Lev Shelo

Lev Shelo, lead by worship leader, Corry Bell, has been ministering to Messianic Jewish and Christian congregations since 2005.  Their emphasis in the Body of Messiah is to maintain an authentically Jewish perspective and approach to praise and worship music while conveying the heart of the Father through a modern and relevant musical style. They encourage Christians to learn about their Messianic Jewish counterparts and to have a greater understanding of the “Jewish roots” of their own faith.  They also reach out to the greater Jewish community with music that is familiar and palatable to Jewish ears, yet, at the same time, presenting the Good News of Yeshua in a bold and truthful way. Their aim is to minister healing and shalom with God’s love and to ultimately help bring about the reconciliation of the Jewish people to their messiah, Yeshua.  Their music is uplifting, celebratory, reflective and meaningful, often addressing common issues of life.

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