Renatto Aguas

Renatto Aguas

TWO OR MORE is an Ecuadorian-American band from Southern California that performs a style of Latin rock that has been compared to Santana, Gypsy Kings and MANÁ, with elements of blues, soul, and pop. The band primarily consists of three brothers: Walter, Eddie, and Renatto Aguas. From the Black Crowes and Beach Boys to the BeeGees and the Everly Brothers, there's something about the unstudied perfection of sibling vocal harmonies that creates a distinctive, irresistible style. They are accompanied by great friends Arnie Vilches (Puerto Rico), and Russ Reshaw (US). This culturally diverse union of musicians makes for an original band in the Christian music world.

The Aguas brothers have followed the tradition of their mother, Stella, who sang with her brothers in a band called Hermanitos Montano. They performed Boleros, Valses Peruanos, and traditional Ecuadorian folk music in Quito in the 50s and 60s. As far back as they can remember, the Aguas brothers would sing back up vocals for mom and serve as her band at every family gathering.

In their early teen years, after many hours of garage practices, the brothers recorded their first demo in 1985. Over the next seven years the brothers played up and down the Sunset Strip, at local clubs and and private parties. After catching the eye of record executive Ron Oberman, the band got picked up by what was then known as Columbia Records. However, it did not take long to find out that a "deal" didn’t bring the happiness they were looking for. In 1991 longtime friend and keyboard player Lance Mowdy left the band and became a "Jesus Freak". Sold out for his new faith and excited to share this passion for God with his buddies, Lance contuinued to hang out with the guys at practice and came to some gigs as well. The youngest and most rebellious brother of the three, Renatto, was most affected by Lance’s witness of Christ. Renatto committed his heart to Jesus in the summer of 1992. Left without a lead singer, and shocked by their little brother’s conversion, Walter and Eddie scrambled to try and find a new singer.

During this time, Lance and Renatto got back to working on music together, but this time with purpose and true passion. With songs like “Our Father,” “Hero,” and “He’s There,” Two Or More was born and quickly grabbed Walt and Eddie’s attention. As their interest grew, Renatto could not help but ask his brothers why they wanted to be part of a group creating Christian music when they themselves were not Christians. Over the next six months, Renatto and Lance had the opportunity to witness to the brothers through their music and their lives the love of Jesus. By the end of 1992 Walter and Eddie had both given their lives to the Lord, bringing the original band back together again.

For the past seventeen years, Two or More has been a full-time ministry and a favorite of Christian music lovers everywhere. With two nationally-released CDs producing three top ten CCM radio singles, the band has toured across the US and into Central and South America several times.

Whether it’s a mellow unplugged evening with the three brothers or a high energy Latin rhythm filled concert hall with the full six-piece band, Two Or More brings a Christ-centered heart complemented by unparalleled musical excellence. “We’re just a Jesus Band and we want to see people grasp the fact that our God is alive and well!”

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