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Writer(s): Loulita Gill
Publisher:Loulita Gill
Duration:5 mins 33 secs


I stand in awe
I stand in awe of you wonderful God
I worship you
I worship you because of all that you are
I don’t know where my life would be
If you had not poured grace on me
To save my heart
I know that I was lost in sin
Bound in the chains of death within
But you tore them apart

Mighty, mighty, might to save
Jesus you are mighty to save
Who could stand in your way
When you rose from the grave
And ransomed us all
If not for God

I give you thanks
I give you thanks for all that you have done
I bless your name
I bless your name because the victory’s won
I could not have been justified
If you had not laid down your life
To bring me peace
I know that I was locked in shame
Accused with no one else to blame
But then you set me free


If not for God the author of salvation
If not for God my rock and my foundation
If not for God the hope of generations
If not for God, if not for God

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