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Writer(s): Andrew Enos
Duration:5 mins 5 secs
The Lord put this song on my heart when I was thinking upon the fact that He is the creator of all things, and yet He desires to spend time with us. I started checking my heart, to see if I was allowing Christ to reign as Lord over my life, and after much consideration, I realized that there were many idols in my life. This song was my cry to the Lord, to bring me back my first love, while I set every distraction aside.


The sky whispers all that You are, the ocean screams Your name.

Creation is written in the stars, let our lives proclaim.


So well sing to You at the top of our lungs

though our throats are dry and our hearts are numb,

Lord well bring You praise.


Abba, Father please save me from the things I let come between,

I've made myself run so far away. Bring me back my first love, Jesus its You.


A million diamonds could not express the worth You hold to me.

I will spend my life trying to explain, but words will always fail.


Well shout until the end of days, Christ alone will light our way. He's the Way.

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