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Writer(s): Loulita Gill
Publisher:Loulita Gill
Duration:4 mins 40 secs


When I think about my
Place in this life
How I’m just one person in your great design
Who am I, who am I that you love me?

Everyone on earth has
Been formed by your hands
So many people a part of your plan
Who am I, who am I that you know me?

You can hear me speak through a billion voices
And you know every part of my life
Though you’re God of all the world and heavens
I am not hidden from your sight
When I’m meditating

On all that you’ve made
The glory of the universe on display
Who am I, who am I that you’re mindful of me?
Yet you see everything

 You know all the words that I have spoken
And every moment you walk by my side
You’re never uninvolved or keep your distance
God, you’re with me all day and night

 What a wonder that the Great I Am
Is acquainted with all my ways
What a wonder that the God of all
Knows me by name

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