Michele Pillar

Michele Pillar


3-time Grammy Award Nominated singer, MICHELE PILLAR has once again tackled uncharted waters in the world of ministry with her book, UNTANGLED and her live event, The Clothesline. Untangled is said to be ‘the most honest book ever published by a female author’.  

Michele’s tutor was her childhood. She survived the common ravages of alcoholic parents and later God taught her how to lean on Him to function free from the damages of it.

We are all damaged in some way. As a child, God met me under the bed where I hid to escape my home-life and now He meets me on stage, as I hang up my former beliefs (garments) on “The Clothesline” for all to see. God uses my stories to get into the stories of those who attend The  Clothesline conference. I think being open about it all, helps those in attendance to open up to God. Together, we laugh, well-up and then ask God to change our stories. He's more than able to heal and forgive anything.”—Pillar.

Michele’s strong name recognition from her CCM accomplishments and radio hits in the 80’s and 90’s now pave the way for sold out speaking engagements at CPC Benefits and Women’s Conferences, nationwide. (See video clips: “The Clothesline”, "Message to Ministry Leaders" and "For CPC Directors" found under the Speaking Clips tab above.) Her honesty, humor and music on stage breaks through the fear of “getting real” in areas people may not know how to access. “Michele’s vulnerability leads by example like no speaker I’ve ever seen.”—Allison Allen, Women of Faith.

I’m thankful for the years I worked with great ministries like The Billy Graham Assoc. and ORU but nothing has been as exciting as what Untangled and The Clothesline conferences have done. I love being older and unafraid! My desire is not to sensationalize God with my stories, but to bring relief and practical tools from God’s Word and His healing power to all who attend. It would be an honor to speak and sing at your coming event.” - Michele


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