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Writer(s): Hannah Ford
Publisher:Hannah Ford Music
Duration:3 mins 59 secs


V.1 Surely you have carried all our pain and sorrow Stricken and afflicted man, pure love did flow Pierced and beaten for our sins, bruised for our mistakes The punishment for our peace with love you chose to take CHORUS By Your stripes, we are healed, By Your stripes, we’re forgiven By Your stripes we are free In the land of the living Forever we’ll be thanking you… for what you did V.2 We will not forget the sacrifice you made for us The wounds in your body were for our wholeness There is power in your precious blood and in your name Death was broken over us the day you overcame BRIDGE You have seen the labor of your soul and count it worth the cost The blood you shed on the cross, the love you poured out for us Now you’re risen victorious, Our King You’ve justified us, Be glorified



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