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Publisher:Bobby and Kristen Gilles
Duration:5 mins 13 secs



Lord, when I think You're far away
Returning silence for my prayer,
When I'm reminded of old doubts
That You still reign, or that You care,

Teach me how to doubt no more,
To know You're found by those who seek,
And my emotions can deceive;
Chase away my unbelief.

In the face of deepest loss,
Blinded by my bitter tears,
Broken by what might have been,
A slave to things as they appear,

Then whisper peace into my soul
In midst of pain and piercing grief.
My own perspective's incomplete.
Chase away my unbelief.

When I suspect You've lost control
Or You’ve forsaken what You made,
When children starve both near and far
And love has wilted under hate,

Remind me of Your promises:
A kingdom full of life and peace.
Help me to trust eternity.
Lord, chase away my unbelief.

‘Cause my emotions can deceive ...
My own perspective's incomplete ...
Help me to trust eternity.
Lord, chase away my unbelief.


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