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Publisher:Madison Line Records
Duration:4 mins 11 secs



Verse 1

Reaching out for your embrace, I know that my life is not hidden.  

Desperately I seek your face as your heart seeks mine.

Verse 2

Patiently my soul will wait.  For no length of time should I worry.

I know you are strong to save in your perfect time


Your voice is peace, my world is still.

Your heart it beats, I feel you near.

Your touch restores my brokenness;

Without you I am helpless.

Verse 3

Walking on the path you made, I no longer own my desires.  

I trust in every word you say, now you use my life.


You are here, speak to me. Let me feel your heartbeat.

You are all that I need, in your love I stand complete.








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