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Duration:4 mins 18 secs



Words & music Kevin Click/Maria Soriano

2009 ClicksSongs/Ascap

Intro: D C G/B Gm/Bb  (2x)             


                D                                                        D 

Lift your eyes up to the heavens, set your sights on higher things  

                          C                      G/B   Gm/Bb                              D

Prepare your praise to be given                    to the Highest King     

                 D                                                          D

Let your songs rise up with power, give your worship eagles’ wings    

                 C                             G/B    Gm/Bb                                 D

Let your faith stand up this hour                    for the Highest King         


                        Bb                                      C                                             D

Let the preacher rise up and talk about the Love of Jesus

                      Bb                                  C                                       D

Let the church rise up and lift one voice and sing                                                      

                   Bb                                                 C                       G/B

Let the sinner come down to the river for his healing

                   Bb                                   C                                              D      C    G/B  Gm/Bb  C (2X)     

Let the people rise up and give Him the highest praise

                                               SOLO AFTER 3RD CHORUS:   D  C  G/B  Gm/Bb C (2x) Bb    C       


                   D                                                D

Gone the days of our fathers, when the righteous could be found  

                  C                                 G/B           Gm/Bb    C             D             

These are like the days of Jeremiah  with weeping on the ground        



              D                                          D

Keep yourself close to the fire, let it burn with holy love

                 C                           G/B  Gm/Bb             C                D

Make His will your sole desire…….  till the Kingdom comes




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