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Writer(s): David Baroni
Publisher:Kingdomsongs, Inc.
Duration:5 mins 1 sec



Chorus 1

Holding on for dear life
To this dear life
Nearly squeezed the life right out of me
But now it's clear life
Oh real life
Is far beyond these answers
And this false security
Lord You called me on a journey
Deep into the heart
So trembling I take a breath and start

Into the wild into the blue
Going yonder to the wonder of You
I've made up my mind to follow my heart
When I'm with You I'm not afraid of the dark
With my eyes shining like a child
Going into the wild
Into the wild

Never tasted freedom like the freedom
Of knowing that I belong to You
Life's for dancing
So I'm dancing
To this sacred song of love and life in You
Lord I thank You for this journey
I'm living from the heart
I'm so glad You gave me grace to start

CCLI Song # 4673882

David Baroni

© 2006 Kingdomsongs, Inc.


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