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Writer(s): Jason Bare
Publisher:Madicah Music, LLC (SESAC)
Duration:5 mins 40 secs
Worship / Easter



Jason Bare, Luke Buishas, Brian Campbell

John 1:29

Leave the gold / Leave my pride / All is lost to me but Christ / I’ve heard Your roar / I can’t deny / The Lion of God / The glorious Son / You walked among / You came to bleed / A cross you hung all for me / You spoke of love / Proclaimed in death / You gave Your all / You gave Your best // Behold, The lamb of God / Who takes away our sin / Behold, The Son of God / In Him is everything // The world grew dark with Your last breath / The day our sin was laid to rest / But death can’t hold You in the grave / You rose to life / You rose to save // We fill our lamps / We watch and wait / Our hearts with hope anticipate / We long to look upon Your face / Our blessed love / Our saving grace

©2014 Madicah Music, LLC (SESAC) / Betamax (ASCAP) / Hearts Wake Music (ASCAP)

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