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Writer(s): Bill Walden
Publisher:Bill Walden
Duration:4 mins 23 secs


(Intro   G….) (Guitar capo 4)


        G       C                G      

Our Father   who art in heaven

C             Dsus   G

Hallowed be thy name

C                   G

Thy kingdom come

C               G             C

Thy will be done on Earth

Dsus      G

As it is in Heaven

Em              G/B               C9

Give us this day our daily bread

Em              G/B                 C9                      Dsus

And Lord forgive us all our debts, as we forgive


And lead us not in temptation


But deliver us from evil

                        C                                                   Dsus

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory   (repeat)

(Ending 2nd time only)



Forever amen


Forever amen

                Am7    Dsus-    G

Forever ame………………….n



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