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Publisher:Stan Jankaitis
Duration:2 mins



This Child

(Stan Jankaitis)


A child is born to Mary

     C                    G

This bright star night of peace

     C                  G

This night of love when kings bow down

     C                      G

To a child whose blanket is hay

    C          D      G

The saviour is born today

A child has come to save the world

From sorrow sin and death

To redeem the sins which all have cast

Cast upon themselves

This child shall set us free

D              C         G

Praise worship honor his name

         Em        D

For this child and God

    C           D

Are one and the same

A child was sent by Heaven’s hand’s

To give the world new light

This child will teach us all his peace

This child shall lead us home

This child they call Jesus

V: G C G  C G  C G  C D G

B: D C G  Em D  C D 


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