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Publisher:BitterLightFlowerBlevins, JoshuaWSRJ Music
Duration:4 mins 33 secs


Verse 1

I am grateful for Your mercies
And how You rescued me
I was lost and undeserving
Yet Your hand still carried me
Even when I wasn’t near You
You promised not to leave
You broke down my defenses
Now forever I’ll believe

Misc 1

In the power of love
The power of You
And the power of Your name
In the blood that redeems
Truly sets free
You who conquers and saves

Chorus 1

You tore them down
All the doors that kept You outside
All the walls built by my pride
You tore
You tore them down
Now the power of Your love is revealed
All the barriers of concrete and steel
You tore them down (2X)

Verse 2

Though I’m truly undeserving
You’ve shown Yourself to me
Pouring out Your loving kindness
Guiding my way faithfully
I’m not worried for tomorrow
Because it’s safe within Your hands
I can trust in You completely
Lord forever I will stand

Misc 2

Lord I praise You
Thank You for Your mercy
I sing of You victory
There’s power in Your name
Lord I praise You
Thank You for Your mercy
I stand in Your victory
Forever You will reign

Misc 3

You tore them down (2X)

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