All From You [Vineyard UK]

All From You [Vineyard UK]

F eatures Samuel Lane, Deborah Clarke and Carly Orpen
In 2002 Vineyard UK excited and challenged worship
world-wide with Beautiful - a recording of the worship
songs birthed in the UK at the The Vineyard Church St
Albans’ Burn Church. New for 2006 All From You picks
up from where Beautiful left-off…
The fervour and passion of their first album is
immediately evident on All From You, with the
searching and intimate lyrics penned by worship leaders
Samuel Lane and Carly Orpen. Producers Paul Burton
(Delirious) and Tom Mills add to the creativity and
musical excellence of the band perfectly matching the
songs with both intense vocal and musical
arrangements. The result is an album that will captivate
you, draw you closer to God and set you free in worship.
The CD-ROM includes chord lead sheets, photos and
Phantomtollbooth.org said of Beautiful:
One thing's for sure about Beautiful: it's not typical Vineyard Music.
In two short words, it rocks! …with strength and texture that are
solid in both excellent, original songs and music…
Cross Rhythm’s awarded it 9/10 saying: …once again proving that
just about anything coming out of the British Vineyard churches is
top quality.

Key Info:
Package contents
• -Follow up to 2002’s Beautiful
• -8 new Vineyard UK songs
• -4 new recordings of Vineyard
• -Enhanced CD features printable
chords, lyrics and more, video
footage and more
Production coordinator: Nathan
Executive Producer: Chris Whitelock
Producers: Paul Burton and Tom Mills

Track listing:
1. All from You*
2. King Forever
3. You’re The Love*
4. Have Mercy*
5. How Can I Live Without You*
6. Come To Me
7. So Near
8. I Love You*
9. More Than A Friend
10. Joy*
11. Son Shining*
12. Thank You*
*new songs

Songs in this album
Genre: Worship
Writer(s): Samuel Lane
Duration: 5 mins 21 secs
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Genre: Worship
Writer(s): Ryan Delmore
Duration: 5 mins 10 secs
Rating: 0 (0 Votes)
Genre: Worship
Writer(s): Samuel Lane
Duration: 5 mins 58 secs
Rating: 0 (0 Votes)
Genre: Worship
Writer(s): Kat Regester
Duration: 4 mins 5 secs
Rating: 0 (0 Votes)

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