George Michael Dile

George Michael Dile

G eorge was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, in about three feet of snow, and currently lives near L.A. Harbor in California, with his beautiful wife, Yvonne, and his wonderful daughter Noel.

R ight about 8 years old George sang his first song in public called "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands." His sister, Peggy, played an active role in getting him involved in music as he enjoyed playing Baseball and Basketball (his Mom wouldn't let him play football - but don't tell anybody). Peggy suggested he join the A cappella Choir at Antelope Valley High School, in Lancaster, California, directed by Stan Summers. He did and fell in love with music. A few years later he cut his first record with FARM, and it entered the top 10 on the local and regional Radio Charts.

A nd by God’s grace George received Jesus as Lord and Savior on August 8, 1973. Soon after, as a new believer, he stepped out in faith and began serving the Lord through the Music Ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and has been involved in Christian Music Ministry ever since.

C ommonly known by his family, but not by his friends, is his love for Astronomy. He says when he looks at the night sky he sees God's fingerprints and thinks "who am I" that God would care for me? Just a man that He would love me? He believes the moon and the stars are only a taste of what God has prepared for us.

E nding on a lighter note, George has truly loved music all of his life. He began using his Mom's pots and pans as drums when he was a little guy. And at a very young age he built a set of "brushes" from the bristles of a broom, 2 clothes pins and duct tape. He thought that was pretty cool until his Mom, got after him about spreading the pots and pans all over the floor and not putting them away when he was through playing them.

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