Rachel Galloway

Rachel Galloway

Rachel is the second of five siblings, daughter to Lenny Smith, the gospel singer/songwriter of “Our God Reigns.” She is well known for being a part of her brother Daniel Smith’s band, “Danielson” or “Danielson Famile.” Growing up, Rachel always had a love for music, listening to classical composers rather than following the hip bands her elder brother would recommend. She started playing piano at the age of 12, learned flute in high school, and as an adult she learned ukulele and guitar as she began to write music.

“One night I couldn’t sleep because I had music flowing through my head. I got really mad because for those of you who know me, I really love my sleep. I picked up a hand-held recorder, recorded the melody that I was hearing, threw it across the room, and went to sleep. I fought the music. I thought to myself, ‘I don’t do this. My dad (Lenny Smith) does this. Daniel (Daniel Smith) does this. Not me.’ I honestly didn’t want anything to do with it. But the Lord continued to give me songs and eventually I began to record them. To this day I have no idea what those first songs/melodies were. I never listened to them again.”

Rachel began to write down her songs and worked hard on her guitar skills.

“Music is beautiful and it’s personal. It saddens me that the world has put music in a box telling people that they can’t make it or be a part of it unless they have certain credentials. Music is a part of a person and it’s individual. It is a valid expression of creativity. I decided that (and I encourage you) to do and create because it’s fun and you want to do it. Noone puts stress upon a person who wants to sew/create a quilt for fun, so why do we do it to someone who wants to create music? Creating is creating, so do it.”

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