Sean Hill

Sean Hill

Ever taken a leap of faith? Sean Hill's production career started as one of those leaps. With no formal production schooling and working solely in faith of what God had put in his heart, Sean and his wife Crystal began Uphill Studios in January of 2011. Starting a music production studio in a weak economy, with no potential clients, with no foreseeable income seemed literally crazy even to some of Sean and Crystal's closest friends. But they were determined and trusted the words God had given them. Sean cashed in his 401(k) from his previous stable job and bought the equipment needed to begin the new endeavor. Sean began learning production software by watching YouTube videos and partnering with other producers. After a couple months in preparation Sean opened the doors to Uphill Studios in March of 2011. With no advertisements, and no prior clients, Sean landed his first full album contract in the second week of March 2011. To this date Sean Hill's production schedule has remained booked with clients from all over the United States without true advertisements, a true testament to God's favor and blessing.


In Sean’s emerging production career he has already come to produce hundreds of songs across many different Christian styles from pop, to CCM, to gospel, to worship. Sean has found several of his productions gaining radio airplay all over the world. Notably Sean has worked with Dove Award winner Rod Lumpkin who had this to say about co-producing with Sean, "As an award winning producer that has been producing CDs since 1998, I can truly say that my best work has come forth from being in relationship with Sean Hill."

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